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Shut Up & Shoot — New Ad by TheQ Features Run Run by the Rival

To get the most out of life, you have to embrace the new.
There are new places, and new people. New experiences, and new feelings. New highs...and new lows. But it's always worth giving it a shot. After all, if we never did anything out of the ordinary, then no one would have any stories to tell. We wouldn't be able to make moments special. Memories wouldn't be worth sharing. So, it's a good thing we can make the ordinary extraordinary. Because if you don't limit your expectations, you'll find that there's no end to the possibilities. You can do the unexpected. You can go the extra mile. You can live in the moment.
So give it a shot. Shoot for the sky. Shoot for the stars.
Just shut up and shoot.

The music is The Rival song "Run Run"

Advertising Agency: theQ Lifestyle, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director / Art Director: Joe Lesina
Director: Tim Erem
D.O.P.: Erik Henriksson
Focus: Max Almqvist

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Shut Up & Shoot — New Ad by TheQ Features Run Run by the Rival + technology