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Meet "Discipline" The New Publication Celebrating Film, Art, Fashion, Design, and more

The FUN issue of Discipline magazine is out now and available from most news agents, Tate Modern, Magma, Foyles, Artwords and more...

The pursuit of ‘LOLs’ and ‘likes’ is about instant and permanent fun. It’s about ditching the dull and provoking the standard. The second issue of Discipline is a celebration of the big business of fun, where bold is always better. We take a look at the makers and thinkers setting themselves apart from the crowd and we witness just how much hard work and discipline real fun takes.

Discipline issue two — The FUN Issue

House of Mirrors by Ryan Hopkinson

Actress Ariane Labed

Musician Elliott Power
The cover star Susan Boyle is joined by John Prescot, Tom Cruise and Leslie Nielsen in an exclusive feature by Carl Burgess. The Fun Issue includes profiles, features, interviews and editorials with the people behind the scenes making the things you love including cinematographer Evan Prosofsky, photographer Ryan Hopkinson, musicians Palma Violets, actress Ariane Labad and much more.

Discipline is a new publication celebrating the most interesting makers of film, art, fashion, design, interiors, music, dining and more.

Editor in Chief: Jack Robinson
Associate Editor: Marta Bobic
Contributing Editors: Calum Sager, Jennifer Byrne & Nathan James Tettey
Design and Art Direction: Inventory Studio

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Meet "Discipline" The New Publication Celebrating Film, Art, Fashion, Design, and more + UK ADVERTS