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Astronaut Alan in Epic Money Supermarket Ad

MoneySupermarket is set to launch its biggest and most epic ad so far with the latest iteration in its ‘You’'re So Money Supermarket’ campaign with epic Alan starring in the "Astronaut" advert.

An extension of the feel good theme – Save Money, Feel Epic! – the new ad due to launch this Monday (January 7) was created by Mother London and takes money saving into space!

As the brand looks to continue to amplify just how awesome it feels to save money, the latest ad follows the transformation of everyday man ‘Alan’, who feels epic after saving £300 on his car insurance.

Filmed on location, Alan and his family join a crowd of spectators waiting to see a rocket launch. Having grabbed his son’s lunchbox and a cycle helmet, Alan marches straight through security in the direction of the launch pad. In a scene reminiscent of Apollo 13 or Armageddon, no one seems to mind that Alan is wearing a cycling helmet as he walks across the gantry and into his seat.

As the rocket takes off, we see Alan’s wife look for the car keys; failing to find them, the ad cuts to Alan looking on calmly as he notices the key float up past his head.

The action is set to the famous Top Gun soundtrack of “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin.

Mother has created a full-length 60” and 10’’ ad for the launch, which focuses on car insurance. There will also be a radio version of the ad.

The campaign will also have additional marketing support with activity across PR, CRM, and social media channels.

Paul Troy, Director of Consumer Marketing, MoneySupermarket, said: “Times are pretty tough out there right now for families in the UK. Comparing the cost of household bills can make a real difference to every day family budgets. Saving money, particularly in January when you’re trying to get the new year off to a good start financially, can feel amazing and give you a great sense of achievement. In the ad Alan saved £300 on his car insurance, however, the average amount MoneySupermarket customers can save by using the site is an even more heroic £394. What better way to demonstrate the euphoria you can feel when you get a great deal than to watch our hero waltz onto a space rocket and launch into space?”

Tim McNaughton, Creative Director said: “In this ad our hero Alan from Stoke-on-Trent saves money on his car insurance and feels so totally epic that he strides past the security at Cape Canaveral Space Center and leads a crew of lantern-jawed, Yankee astronauts into space. Go Alan, you sexy, money-saving hero! Go!”

Creative Agency: Mother, London
Director: The Glue Society
Production Company: Independent
Producer: Jason Kemp
Editor: Adam Spivey @ The Playroom
Post Production: The Mill
Audio post-production: 750mph
DoP: Don Burgess
Media Agency: Mediacom

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Astronaut Alan in Epic Money Supermarket Ad + UK ADVERTS