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Fly into the Future GE Jet Engine TV Commercial

GE fly's into the future with the second ad from their newest ad campaign, "Brilliant Machines" via agency BBDO, New York.

The future of flying is here — and it's not what anyone expected. We've learned how to build airplanes that can fly anywhere in the world, break the sound barrier, and refuel while soaring through the sky. The next frontier in aviation is not a revolution in design but about building smarter planes — brilliant machines that know how to optimize their fuel efficiency on the fly.
The GE jet engine featured in this plane has the ability to understand 5,000 data samples PER SECOND. This helps planes get to their destination with less fuel and minimize the time they spend on the ground — and keeps them soaring through the sky, taking you wherever you want to go.

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Ad Agency: BBDO, New York

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Fly into the Future GE Jet Engine TV Commercial + great ads