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Ontario Kids Stick It To Fast Food Urge Us All To Join In Boycott

Ontario students launch "Stick It To Fast Food" campaign and urge everyone to join the fast food boycott.

See all the posters, logos and banners from the Stick It Shout page.
I'll give these kids credit for having the courage and the smarts to start this campaign, but it's going to be I was reading more about the Stick It campaign and found myself reading the article Helen Branswell of The Canadian Press News wrote on the CTV News website, I couldn't help but laugh at the advertisement that displayed, image below.

Here is the Who, What, Why and How the Stick It To Fast Food Campaign came to be (from their website)
A collaborative effort by high school students across Ontario, the Ontario Student Trustee Association (OSTA-AECO) and Key Gordon Communications, a Toronto-based Design firm.
Social media driven fast food boycott and awareness campaign.
Boycott = November. Uncooling fast food = forever.
Today, Ontario. Tomorrow, across the globe.
We know what you’re thinking: who the hell designed this campaign? That logo, it’s so obscene! Yeah, it’s a little crude, but that’s exactly how we wanted it to be. That’s why you’re here isn’t it? That’s why it grabbed your attention. That’s also why it empowers individuals and helps to un-cool something that should have been un-cooled a long time ago.

The Stick It logo was developed by the guys at Key Gordon Communications. Stick It was designed to grab attention with its racy logo and simplify the too often conflicting health messages directed at today’s youth. The quality of the food you eat matters. It’s not the only thing that matters, but it is freaking important. It really shouldn’t take a team of scientists to figure out that fast food isn’t good for you to eat everyday. You’re better off bringing a lunch.

In May, 2012, Grant Gordon, Founder of Key Gordon, was invited by the Ontario Student Trustees` Association (OSTA-AECO) to speak at their annual conference. This group of peer-elected super-students represent Ontario’s 2.4 million students and bring the student voice to the Ministry of Education, school boards, and education-stakeholders. Grant’s passionate remarks about the food industry and the health problems related to poor eating habits inspired the students. They asked Grant how they could make a difference. Grant shared the germ of an idea – the badass logo.

The student trustees were immediately engaged. Key Gordon was flooded with emails!

So Grant and OSTA-AECO began to collaborate on the idea for a boycott of fast food and soon the campaign was born. The Stick It to Fast Food campaign is simple, clear and has an achievable goal: to empower youth to take care of their health through cooking for themselves and swearing off fast food junk. We don’t want to ban fast food but we do want it to be ‘de-normalized’. Too many people eat it everyday.

We’re pretty stoked about how it worked out. It’s student driven, it’s grassroots, and it developed organically – just the way an activist campaign should. Only this one has a sweet logo and website.

More about Stick It To Fast Food on their website and Facebook page HERE and HERE.

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Ontario Kids Stick It To Fast Food Urge Us All To Join In Boycott + Public Awareness