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So Here It Is The Nokia Lumia 920 — TV Ad

Nokia introduces us to the Lumia 920 and what they claim is the World's most Innovative Smartphone powered by Windows Phone 8 with this promo commercial. The ad features the music and song Creep — You, featuring Nina Sky and remixed by Robert Koch.
Simply for our amusement, here is the rest of the list that Nokia's Lumia 920 claims to be the World's Best at:

  • offers the world's best smartphone experience
  • best video and pictures with PureView camera, even with shaky hands or at night
  • brightest, fastest and most responsive touchscreen — even if you are wearing gloves or have long fingernails
  • first smartphone with built-in wireless charging in your country
  • best smartphone for business with built-in Microsoft Office
  • most unique and iconic smartphone design

advert, great ads, Nokia, and more:

So Here It Is The Nokia Lumia 920 — TV Ad + technology