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Samsung Galaxy Stare Down — "All eyes on the S4"

Samsung and wireless provider Swisscom created this charming "stare down" contest in the railroad station at Zurich.

To promote the Galaxy S4's eye-tracking feature — you can scroll on the phone without touching it — the company installed a booth on a busy platform and offered any passenger a free Galaxy S4 if they could stare at it for a full hour without the phone detecting they'd looked away.

Sounds simple enough... until the challenge begins. At which point Samsung's stooges begin distracting the contenders with hot dog carts, barking German shepherds, and a stunt motorcyclist. One guy does, eventually, make it through the hour:

It's not clear which ad agency created the spot, but it bears all the hallmarks of a Duval Guillaume Modem stunt (contact us if you know who the agency is).

Story scooped via: Jim Edwards @ Business Insider

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Samsung Galaxy Stare Down — "All eyes on the S4" + technology