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Samsung GALAXY S4 Presents Hi Hey Hello A Musical Short Film

The Chicharones, a Portland duo on CamoBear Records are thrilled to announce their involvement with the Samsung GALAXY S4 music video for 'Hi, Hey, Hello". The video, directed by Joseph Khan, multiple Grammy winner for video direction, tells the story of a college boy crushing on a girl in his class- and campus wide dancing ensues. Don't be fooled though, the Chicharones can be spotted in the video almost like a Where's Waldo puzzle wearing a myriad of silly outfits.
The Chicharones, originally formed at South by Southwest, are composed of songwriters Sleep and Josh Martinez. Since releasing their 2006 opus When Pigs Fly (Camobear Records/Bella Union), they have toured the world, collaborated with the who's who of underground pop, released critically and commercially successful solo albums. The partnership with Samsung has really brought them from the underground to the public eye, and they will be starting a nationwide radio campaign for "Hi, Hey, Hello" as well as performing at high profile events, touring, and releasing a new album.

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Samsung GALAXY S4 Presents Hi Hey Hello A Musical Short Film + samsung