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Benefit Cosmetics UK: Temptation Telephone

Benefit Cosmetics placed their Temptation Telephone in Central London for one day only. Those brave enough to answer were rewarded with a once in a life time experience with unsuspecting members of the public taking to the stage at one of London's most iconic venues, Café de Paris. Singing the Whitney Houston classic "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" in front of a packed house and accompanied by a live band.
Where will the temptation telephone ring next and are you brave enough to answer? #TemptationTelephone

Advertised brand: Benefit Cosmetics
Advert title: Benefit Cosmetics UK: Temptation Telephone
Advertising Agency: Inkling, London, England
Creative Directors: David Proudlock and Will Parkinson
Director: Charlie Inman
Copywriter: David Proudlock
Editor: Tim Symes
Post-production: James Willett (Colourist), Jon Clarke (Sound) Alistair McColl (GFX)

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Benefit Cosmetics UK: Temptation Telephone + UK ADVERTS