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Great-Ads Exclusive New Advert for Spin-off

Great-Ads Exclusive – Spin-off outtakes advert.

Credit Card Comparison by Maurice Wigglethorpe-Throom, CEO and Founder of

Robert Webb, star of cult British comedy TV show Peep Show, plays eccentric CEO Maurice Wigglethorpe-Throom in this outtake that uses the disturbing metaphor of facial hair to explain why you should compare credit card interest rates on This video, yet to be released to the general public, was filmed alongside a separate TV campaign to allow the comedian to run with the role of this peculiar character.

We first met CEO Maurice on Christmas Day when they released this web advert below: This is a film about a heroic young man, who is cursed with being at least six times more handsome, clever and sensitive than anybody else. He also carries a head of the most ravishing hair you ever did see. Despite these troubles, he struggles through life with immense dignity. He is modelled on me, Maurice Wigglethorpe-Throom.

Starring: Robert Webb
Creative agency: VCCP London
Creative director: Darren Bailes
Director: Simon Cole
Producer: Jeremy Goold
Post-production: Finish
Editor: Alaster Jordan at The White House

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Great-Ads Exclusive New Advert for Spin-off + UK ADVERTS