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Feed The Lobster "Costumes" Spot For Killing My Lobster — Help Them Save Their Balls Wont You

Here is a great new spot created for non-profit Killing My Lobster's annual fundraising appeal. Isn't it refreshing how sometimes simplicity can be so brilliant.

The Lobster Theater Project, better known as Killing My Lobster (KML), provides artists with the opportunity to generate and produce performance art across a range of disciplines that provokes, amuses, educates, entertains, and inspires. KML is committed to producing high quality, relevant and smart comedy that draws upon San Francisco for inspiration and is a reflection of its non-traditional audience.

Written by Ken Grobe & Miriam Wilson; directed by Ken Grobe. The music was composed and performed by Joshua Sitron, who also composed the theme songs for TV shows "Dora the Explorer" and "Allen Gregory"

This spot was shot with the assistance and facilities of SF ad agency Goodby Silverstein & Partners.

Killing My Lobster is a 15-year-old San Francisco-based sketch comedy theater company, making it SF's largest and longest-lived company of its type. To place it in context: LA has the Groundlings, Chicago has Second City, and San Francisco has KML.

Once a year in December KML does a drive for donations. "Costumes" was one of the two videos created to promote that drive.

Everyone involved, from the actors to Josh Sitron to the Goodby folk, donated their time and resources to produce the spot.

Creative Credits:
Directed by Ken Grobe
Written and Produced by Ken Grobe and Miriam Wild-Smith
Camera work by Eric Herron and Chris Parisi
Edited by Chris Parisi
Featuring: Andy Alabran, Allison Johnson, Calum Grant, Paco Romane, Shaye Troha, Sabina Piersol, Todd Brotze, Jon Wolanske
Music by Joshua Sitron
Production Assistants: Reed Kavner & Sabina Piersol

Special thanks to Moe Beitiks, Samantha Schireson, Goodby Silverstein & Partners, and Jon Wolanske

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Feed The Lobster "Costumes" Spot For Killing My Lobster — Help Them Save Their Balls Wont You + great ads