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Chef Richie Nakano Defines The Edgë For Wusthof

Wüsthof Knives and Cutlery has partnered with Chef Richie Nakano, an edgy young chef that shares the brand's distinction of challenging the status quo in pursuit of excellence. The brand follows Nakano as he pursues his culinary passion and redefines the norms of Japanese cuisine in this biographical web series entitled "Defining The Edgë."

"To me defining the Edgë means staying on point, never settling, never resting. Trying to do better all the time." —Richie

For some, crafting the perfect bowl of ramen is much more than an art, it's an obsession. Meet Richie Nakano. Accomplished chef, business owner and someone who's defining the Edgë, in part because he's living on it. With a wife and new baby on the way, Richie left behind a steady job at the heart of the recession in pursuit of an idea. You could argue this might be foolish, we say it's anything but. The desire to control one's own destiny, to carve one's own path and defy expectations is a road few of us ever dare to travel.

Advertising Agency: AgencySacks, Inc.
Producer/Post Producer: Antonio Parada

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Chef Richie Nakano Defines The Edgë For Wusthof + Food and Drink