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A Short History of the Gif — "Moving the Still"

Director Sean Pecknold and LEGS Media Production present a short history of the Gif, to help promote the "Moving the Still" exhibit taking place in Miami during Art Week this December. Presented by Tumblr, SmartWater, and online art hub Paddle8 the video celebrates the 25th anniversary of the GIF with stunning claymation is they take a stroll back through a history of the GIF.

Fun Facts:
In 1987 Compuserve released an image format called "87A"
The file allowed for 256 colors
Paving the way for innovative loops
Name was changed to "Graphics Interchange Format"
Invented by Steve Wilhite

GIF vs GIF | Moving the Still | A GIF Festival — with Johnny Misheff, Chief Council Member, Richard Phillips, Selection Council, John Clang, Contributor, Analisa Teachworth, Contributor and Collin Munn, Editorial Manager.

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A Short History of the Gif — "Moving the Still" + great ads