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A Special Thank You To DreamHost

Thank you Sylvia for letting me post this special thank you to everyone at DreamHost Web Hosting.

Without making this too long winded, I simply just wanted to give everyone at DreamHost a shout out and say thank you for all your help after a number of our websites were hacked recently. Briefly, I got lazy keeping up to date with our security which lead to a security breech on a couple of our sites and a password intrusion (not here on Great-Ads, thankfully), I did the dumbest thing I could do and opened an email attachment and gave myself the dreaded Progressive Scan virus. DreamHost, our hosting provider specifically Miguel R. took the time and walked me through every step of getting them up and running again as well as removing files that needed to be asap.

It's refreshing to know that our hosting provider is there when we need them, and in this particular case, they were there before I even knew I had a password intrusion. Thank you guys, and Miguel you rock! If you are considering a new hosting provider I encourage you to look into DreamHost and be sure to tell them Mauro the big dummy sent you. See what DreamHost Web Hosting can do for you HERE.

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A Special Thank You To DreamHost + great ads