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StinkDigital Controls The Weather for Geox Amphibiox

To launch GEOX’s newest collection of Amphibiox all-weather footwear, SMFB and Stinkdigital partnered to create ‘You Control The Weather’, an interactive film where the user influences the outcome of the story by taking control of the weather elements.

Set in urban surroundings, the film is a love story between two strangers who face extreme weather changes that impact the course of their day. Choosing between sun, rain or snow, the user is prompted by the story narrator to set the weather of each scene in the hope to orchestrate a serendipitous meeting between the two potential lovers.

Each scene and weather setting impacts the footwear worn by the individuals as they take their journey across the city. With the integration of a hand crafted 3D camera mapping technique, the user can zoom in on frozen moments to explore the footwear in 360°. As the camera revolves around, the user can quickly navigate through different conditions to see how each shoe’s unique performance is optimised regardless of the weather. All footwear featured in the film can be purchased at any point in the story with a click through to the online store.

The responsive site allows users to experience the interactive film across different platforms and is specifically optimised for touch screen devices. The film was directed by Jonathan Entwistle.

This launch follows ‘The Rainiest Place on Earth’, an interactive documentary following four volunteers who test the GEOX Amphibiox footwear in Cherrapunjee, a village in northern India with the highest annual rainfall on the planet. Awarded a Gold Cyber Cannes Lion in 2013.

About Stinkdigital
Stinkdigital is an interactive production company, working with clients and advertising agencies worldwide. Our services include creative concepting, design and high-end execution. We create everything from live-action films and websites, through to mobile apps and installations.

About SMFB
SMFB is a creatively driven, full service advertising agency. We’re an independent, efficient and hard working organization with a diverse set of skills. At SMFB we pride ourselves in creating consumer & business relevant integrated communication, to inspire and change behaviour.

About Director
Jonathan Entwistle is recognised as being one of the finest up-and-coming British filmmakers working today. His first short film ‘Human Beings’ was premiered exclusively online to 45,000 people and shortlisted for a 2012 Vimeo award. He is currently working with Film4 on a feature length adaptation of Charles Forsman’s The End of the Fucking World.

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StinkDigital Controls The Weather for Geox Amphibiox + UK ADVERTS