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Levi's Let's Your Body Do The Talking In New Revel Jeans Ad

The perfect fit + liquid shaping technology = a revolution in shaping jeans. The newest addition to Levi's Curve ID fit system keeps it's shape and shows off yours.

Stink director, Gustav Johansson's latest work for Levi's jeans captures different young women in Revel jeans. Shot through W+K Shanghai, Gustav embraced the idea of 'Let your body do the talking and letting the models to get creative expressing themselves with their body languages. Some interesting Shanghai city locations added a touch more charm to this fun spot.

The music and song is a cover of Bunny Siglers's "Shake Your Booty" redone by Pusha T. The: 60 version of the commercial is down below after the credits.

Creative Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Shanghai
Production: Stink
Director: Gustav Johansson
Executive Creative Director: Achilles Li
Creative Director: Vivian Yong
Executive Creative Director: michael simons
Creative Director: Marcus Woolcott
Art Director: Kendra Wan
Copywriter: Joey Chung
Producer: Ding Ni
Executive Producer: Louise Kwan
DoP: Niklas Johansson

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Levi's Let's Your Body Do The Talking In New Revel Jeans Ad + Levi's Jeans Ads