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Fitzroy Amsterdam "Giving it All" in new ad for Bank Knab

After a successful and instrumentally approached campaign at the beginning of the year, online bank Knab launched a new integrated campaign.

This campaign follows on from its predecessor by giving more substance to the “Bank in your Favour” as it reveals how Knab is helping its clients to get the most out of their money.
“Our previous campaign was primarily focused on conversion and this contributed to a tripling of our customer base. This time we wanted the campaign to put Knab into context and highlight the fact that we are an online challenger,” says Leslie Hogeveen, marketer at Knab.

“In addition to the requested content, we also looked for a way that visually supports Knab in its role as an online bank. We ultimately chose to portray the dynamic lifestyle of the target audience through their interaction with online devices and screens. There are three 40-second commercials, each one of them centred around one of the following Knab bank advantages: double the interest (on both current and savings accounts); a fixed monthly banking fee with no extra charges; and the online bank switching service,” Fitzroy’s Jur Baart explains. “With such a distinctive campaign, we can see it surpassing the success of the last one.”

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency: Fitzroy, Amsterdam

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Fitzroy Amsterdam "Giving it All" in new ad for Bank Knab + Financial Industry