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A Jacuzzi For Food — "Zacht & Krokant. In de Diamant"

How can you spark a conversation and more important maintain the interest of your target audience in a low interest category like frying fats? The Dutch market leader in cooking oil, Diamant challenged ad agency Fitzroy Amsterdam to find a solution. It all starts with a platform. A platform that has substance and depth, one where relevant as well as fun content can be shared. Like most brands Diamant doesn't have a natural platform, so it was time to create one. The inspiration came from Diamant's real essence: the product characteristics of Diamant frying fats: a crispy exterior and a soft interior of any snack.
These two instrumental benefits were brought to life and obtained emotional values. Our 2 brand mascots, "Zacht & Krokant" translated to English: Soft & Crispy were born. They play the main role on television in which the bubbling frying pan became Soft & Crispy private Jacuzzi.

Agency: Fitzroy, Amsterdam
Production: Glassworks
Director: Morten Vinther
Executive Creative Director: Jur Baart
Art Director: Gert van Kaaij, Wouter Vanhaeren
Copywriter: Youri van Overdijk, Merlijn van Vliet, Roen Roomberg
Producer: Jane Bakx, Joris Knetsch, Jony van Hees
Sound: Kaiser Sound Studio's
Sound: Marco Baay
Artistic Model Director: Dan Hope, THomas Hinke
Agency Producer: Jony van Hees
Editor: Scott Harris, Will Judge
Composer: Craig Brown
Music: The Sound Works

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A Jacuzzi For Food — "Zacht & Krokant. In de Diamant" + great ads