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Millennium Bank Promotes Online Banking...Michael The Squirrel

Millennium bank was seeking a way to boost usage and awareness for their online banking services. At the same time, the bank needed to set aside its corporate image and open new channels of communication using viral videos.

Creatives at Socialab came up with a solution:
Meet Michael. Michael is an ordinary squirrel leaving in the woods. He works collecting acorns to provide for himself and his family. He is hard working, responsible and respects his home and his fellow animals. In this second video, the real issues of using paper statements come in the spotlight. The forest is in danger and Michael is in desperation. Until the owl arrives for the rescue…

Advertising Agency: Socialab, Greece
Account Director: George Anagnostpoulos
Business Unit Director: Tasos Veliadis
Creative Directors: Eva Bouzi, Vassilis Eliopoulos

advert, animation, European Ads, and more:

Millennium Bank Promotes Online Banking...Michael The Squirrel + Financial Industry