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VW Golf, 40 Years of Protection via DDB Brussels

VW and DDB avoid collision.

To celebrate the historic birthday of the Golf, which has been on the road for 40 years now, ​​DDB Brussels made a TV ad for Volkswagen Belgium to remind people that the Golf has always made safety features standard available. In this case the Front Assist technology is standard on the GOLF VII.

The spot tells the story of an elderly father and his son returning from a weekend in their new Golf. The son sits behind the wheel, while his father almost immediately falls asleep. The son is charmed by his sleeping father and looking at him with some pride. An instant later his father warns him for a stationary tractor, without lifting his eyelids. A brief moment later the Golf sends out an audible warning for an object further down the road. The son can therefore timely brake, avoiding a collision. A message appears: "Do you feel protected by 40 years experience. Volkswagen Golf."

Creative Credits:
Client: Volkswagen
Marketing Manager: Nicolas Deturck
Advertising Manager: Tony Peetermans
Agency: DDB
Creative Director: Peter Ampe
Creative Team: Rom&John, Peter Ampe
Strategy: Dominique Poncin & Maarten Van Daele
Account team: Sylvie De Couvreur, Silvie Erzeel, Quentin Maryns & Pieterjan Schouppe
TV-Producer: Brigitte Verduyckt
Design: Ben Hiffe
PR: Michael D'hooge
Production company: Caviar
Director: Jonathan Herman
Producer: Eva Van Riet
Music: Sonicville – Phile Bokken
Photographer: Christophe Gilbert

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VW Golf, 40 Years of Protection via DDB Brussels + Volkswagen VW