ShowBusinessMan + UK ADVERTS Defends Their Soon To Be Banned BJ In The Car Ad

UK based is defending their newest advert starring Brian the robot after the ad watchdog receives several complaints that the spot shows a couple being interrupted while she is giving him what seems to be as they say in the England "dogging".
According to Campaign Live so far the ad has received 20 complaints and a spokesman for the Advertising Standards Authority said that the main claims against the ad were that it was offensive, distasteful, suggestive of sexual activity, degrading to women and inappropriate for children.

However, Joby Russell, the marketing director of, dismissed the comments and said: "Admittedly, the woman is somewhat startled by Brian appearing in the car window, having been tying her shoelace."
He explained that Brian could not help but try and help people save money on their car insurance, and said: "However, this does mean that he sometimes finds himself in awkward situations.
"With Brian’s passion to help people save money, all we can say is watch out for where he might find himself next." introduced Brian the robot into its ads in May, replacing the singing animated character Cara, as part of a complete brand overhaul by Publicis London

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