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Tellason Stories — Meet Jeremy

San Francisco denim brand Tellason features user stories in web campaign directed by Logan Kelsey via Vertical Online.

"In the second film for our Tellason series we're featuring Jeremy Tooker. Jeremy is a coffee craftsman and the owner of Four Barrel Coffee in San Francisco. He is dedicated to sourcing the best seasonal single-farm-origin beans from around the world and coupling that with impeccable roasting. We also learned that he is a tireless entrepreneur who regularly works 60-80 hours a week in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee."

Director: Logan Kelsey
Camera: RED Scarlet-X, RED EPIC-X
Editing: Final Cut Pro X
Music: Courtesy of Deep Elm Records
"From The Window Of My Room"
Performed by DORENA
"Cicatrice du Soldat"
Performed by Les Sages
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Tellason Stories — Meet Jeremy + Featured Ads