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Smirnoff — DJ Fresh & Mindtunes

In this innovating project for Smirnoff, called Mindtunes, three physically disabled music fans have created a Drum & Bass track, by using their brain waves as their only instrument. The track was produced by DJ Fresh.

The track ‘Mindtunes’ is available for download on iTunes and proceeds go directly to the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for disabled people.

This project enabled Andy, Jo and Mark, who are not able to play regular instruments, to create a rather unique piece of music, controlling musical software with nothing but their mind. By giving people a platform to express their creativity, like Mindtunes, Smirnoff wants to underline the brand’s believe that there is a creator in every one of us. That life is Yours For The Making.

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Smirnoff — DJ Fresh & Mindtunes + smirnoff