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Jaguar F-Type "Biggest Want" TV Spot

The creative team at HiFi Project was tapped by ad agency Spark44 for the launch of the all-new, F-Type luxury sports car from Jaguar. Under the leadership of HiFi Creative Director/Partner Paul Robb, the cinematic commercial entitled “Biggest Want” was given a similar musical approach by the music and sound design company. Currently airing nationwide, the new commercial is part of an extensive, global campaign for Jaguar.

According to HiFi Project’s Robb, the commercial is incredibly “location-rich.” He reports: “An obvious visual touchstone are all the great James Bond films, and we wanted to create a score that was lush and cinematic as well.” HiFi recorded live orchestral players, and a traditional choir, as well utilizing numerous exotic world music flourishes, such as Chinese wooden sticks and African talking drums, in order to give a richness to the score."
“The client and the agency really put the time and resources behind this project, so it was wonderful to work with them on this piece,” notes HiFi Executive Producer Birgit Roberts. “This was our first time working with [Spark 44 Creative Director] Bruce Dundore and his team, and we felt a real rapport was created working on this track.”
“We were editing with Barnett Kiel at Cutters,” explains Spark44 Creative Director Bruce Dundore, “ and he recommended HiFi Project for the music on this particular commercial. I thought they were absolutely terrific, and created a level of emotion for the spot that we needed. They were also great to collaborate with.”
Client: Jaguar
Spot Title: “Biggest Want”
Ad Agency: Spark44
Creative Director: Bruce Dundore
Producer: Jonlyn Williams
Editorial Company: Cutters
Editor: Barnett Kiel
Music & Sound Design Company: HiFi Project:
Creative Director/Composer: Paul Robb
Executive Producer: Birgit Roberts

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Jaguar F-Type "Biggest Want" TV Spot + Featured Ads