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OMEGA Chronometer: The Perfect Mechanical Movement

OMEGA's Co-Axial Chronometers are crafted to a standard unmatched by any other industrialised mechanical watch movement. In OMEGA's new web film ad, the viewer is drawn into the world of the Co-Axial Chronometer through spellbinding animated sequences expressing the perfection of nature elegantly interacting with man-made gearwheels and other elements of mechanical watch movements.

All of the elements — natural and man-made — appear to be regulated by clockwork gears. Intriguingly, all of the watch mechanisms and gears are perfect 3D renderings of components found in the OMEGA Co-Axial calibre 9300 chronograph movement.

Ad Agency: HMNS, Milano, Italy
Creative Directors: Francesco Taddeucci and Luca Albanese
Director: Franco Tassi and Andrea Gasparo
Production: Tax Free Film

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OMEGA Chronometer: The Perfect Mechanical Movement + great ads