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Ceres Beer — Italian #ivoteanyway Campaign

Ceres is quite a strong beer and in Italy it is a brand for a young target audience. Politicians also aim for a young audience, but Italian youth consider them the most aged, corrupted and incapable in Europe.
The challenge: Prove that the young Italians, even if they love a strong beer, are more responsible than those who represent them.
The opportunity: Elections are getting close and everybody feels that the tables are going to turn. But an absurd bureaucratic obstacle stops thousands of Italians studying abroad from voting.
The goal: Ceres Beer will bring the students' problem to the attention of everyone.The strategy: The young Italians abroad are the real heroes, and the will vote anyway.
Execution: We organize symbolic elections in major European cities. Outcome: The cause of the students achieves unprecedented visibility across all media. Ceres gains invaluable awareness and becomes the most cited brand during the election weekend.
Results: Thousands of students from 26 European cities joined the initiative. The protest achieved unprecedented visibility on all the national media: TV, newspapers magazines, radios, social media, news website and blogs. The operation opened a debate all around the country. #ivoteanyway became a tweet trend with more than 10.000 tweets in 10 days.
For the brand: Brand search frequency on google: +470% in 10 days. Ceres was the most cited brand during the election week. People reached: 20 millions, one third of the italian population. Media investment: less than € 5,000.
Advertising Agency: Bcube, Milan, Italy
Executive Creative Director: Francesco Bozza
Creative Director: Sergio Spaccavento, Andrea Stanich
Creatives: Sergio Spaccavento, Andrea Stanch, Alessandro Sciarpelletti, Silvia Savoia
Edit: Danilo Carlani, Alessio Dogana

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Ceres Beer — Italian #ivoteanyway Campaign + Social Media Advertising