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ØDD "People Have Weapons" F/W Collection 2013 Art Film by Somma and Harmon

ØDD, founded by 21 year old model, stylist, and entrepreneur Judson Harmon, has teamed up with visual artist Jason Akira Somma (one of a select few artists within The Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative) to produce ØDD's FW13 campaign film. The collaboration short film features ØDD's FW13 collection, which debuted last February at New York Fashion Week.
ØDD's founder and designer Judson Harmon commissioned artist Jason Akira Somma to produce the FW13 film featuring distorted images and ØDD's recently launched womenswear line. The video's effects reference the installation Somma created for the Lower East Side storefront that also distorts people in real time as well as the distortions found at the ØDD's FW13 Presentation during New York Fashion Week. Somma's use of this "rolling shutter" effect is showcased through the choreography emphasizing the surreal nature of the distortions. Somma choose fluorescent lighting to exploit the distortion and interference it can create while filming.

"Overall I wanted the video to have a feeling that washes over you, and at times feel voyeuristic while looking into a world that isn't ours. I wanted to respect where the collection inspiration was coming from while simultaneously not being to didactic." states Somma.
The film features haunting pop mixed with experimental ambient sounds composed by Benoit Pioulard. The track used for this video was made entirely from vocals (of both the composer and his wife) processed in real time through pedals and tape decay. "Retrofuturism" was definitely a theme I played upon in both the collection and video." states Judson Harmon. The ØDD FW13 film marks the first of a series of collaboration videos by Somma and Harmon.See the more stills from the campaign here. Press via: SYDNEY REISING CREATIVE.
Director: Jason Akira Somma
Music: Benoit Pioulard
Executive Producers: Judson Harmon and Dylan Cornwall
Makeup: Nathan Hejl
Hair: Douglas Cornwall
Models: Emi Perry (CLICK LA)
Ryan Curry (LA Models)
The ØDD. collection is designed by Judson Harmon and Jordan Klein.
Shot on location at SNOW Studios in Downtown Los Angeles.

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ØDD "People Have Weapons" F/W Collection 2013 Art Film by Somma and Harmon + fashion industry