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9 New York City Street Inspired Watch Designs by Hudson River

Meet Robert Willis of The Hudson River Watch Co. and his New York City street inspired collection of wrist watches. The collection includes: Berry Street, Cranberry Street, Milligan Place, Charlton Street, Fulton Street, Sutton Place, Delancey Street, and Front Street in Silver and Black designs.

Robert explains his inspiration for starting Hudson River via KickStarter:

This project really started about a year and a half ago when my wife and I noticed it was very difficult to find great-looking, high quality men’s watches for under $500. We found ourselves talking about watches a lot, and pretty soon we started designing our own for fun. With my longtime interest in collecting watches, and my wife’s degree in studio art, we have come up with some really unique designs that we are excited to share.

We started by sketching our ideas and then applied our experience with graphic design to develop illustrations.

"Fulton Street"

"Sutton Place"
All nine of the watches from the collection below.

To date they have raised over $93K on Kickstarter, see more in the campaign video below.

Images via: Kickstarter
Hudson River Watch Co. by Robert Willis website link HERE.

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9 New York City Street Inspired Watch Designs by Hudson River + Featured Ads