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Making Of: By Brizo - Bringing Fashion and your Faucet Together

The "By Brizo" campaign brings fashion into entirely new spaces: the kitchen and bath. Working with renowned fashion photographer Greg Lotus, the Brizo team sought to capture and express the idea that fashion isn’t about just clothes—it’s about an entire lifestyle.

The luxury fittings brand launched a campaign showcasing its Sotria, Artesso and Virage collections in highly stylized settings. Inspired by fashion, the campaign embodies two simple words that speak volumes. The Brizo brand equates itself with fashion – and this campaign underscores how fashion is not simply about the clothes we wear, it’s a lifestyle. “By Brizo” was captured by with celebrated fashion photographer Greg Lotus, whose work can be found in the pages of Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, to bring the campaign to life from behind the lens.

Each ad in the campaign features a headline that speaks not only to the inspiration behind the product itself, but the fact that each Brizo product is a work of art. And much like an artist or fashion designer signs her work, so too does Brizo—with two simple words that speak volumes.

Creative Credits:  
The Models
SOTRIA: Jennifer Pugh, MUSE Model Management
ARTESSO: Luize Salmgrieze, MUSE Model Management
VIRAGE: Amanda Norgaad, IMG Models
STYLIST: Brendan Cannon, The Cannon Media Group
SET DESIGN: Carin Sheve
HAIR Thanos Samaras
MAKE-UP: Emily Moses
MANICURIST: Roxanne Valinoti
Images via: Brizo

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Making Of: By Brizo - Bringing Fashion and your Faucet Together + Featured Ads