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McDonald's Attempts To Make The Big Mac Sexy With 4 New Ads

McDonald's creates some wacky new ads promoting the Big Mac with a series of spots ranging from "Sexy Time" to "Mouthopia". — Are you mouthinker enough to start thinking with your mouth? Mouthinking is a concept that's easy to understand—pick up a Big Mac. And then eat it. Now you're thinking with your mouth. TWYM.

Big Mac — "Mouthopia"

Big Mac — "Big Mac Attack"

Big Mac — "Mouth SoirĂ©e"

Advertising Agency: Translation, New York, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Cereda
Associate Creative Director, Copywriter: Brad Harvey
Associate Creative Director / Art Direction: Ryan Boblett
Senior Content Producer: Tennille Teague
Account Supervisors: Kent Rademaker, Katie McNulty
Group Account Director: Ben Gladstone
Head of Content Production: Miriam Franklin
Directed by BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Creative Director: Thomas Schmid
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Katie Boote
Art Direction: Thomas Schmid, Fede Reano
Design: Thomas Schmid, Fede Reano
Editorial: Gareth O’Brien
Animation: Nicolo Bianchino
Props & Construction: Fede Reano, Emmanuelle Leleu, Martina Stiftinger, Sebastian Iglesias
Composite: Seth Ricart, Fede Reano, Eric Conception, Alex Mapar
Lead Colorist / Color Correction: Seth Ricart
Directed by BUCK
ARF & Co DIrector: Alex Fernbach
Sound Mixing Co: Heard City
Sound Mixer: Keith Reynaud
Music: PT Walkley

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McDonald's Attempts To Make The Big Mac Sexy With 4 New Ads + McDonald's