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Mini Has A 2-Seater Psychic Roadster

The challenge, how to launch the new Mini 2-Seater Roadster and tell middle aged men that their best adventures are in the future not the past. How? You create a Psychic Mini of course. The campaign sent them signs by way of billboards, and reached out to all the online skeptics, then contextually in the physical world. When people went online to search for answers a Psychic revealed all and then finally giving the user a personalized Psychic reading all thanks to the MINI...nice.

Advertising Agency: Profero, USA
Advertising Brand Manager: Anna Kilmurray
Acc Director: Jay Kossifos
Account Executive: Bridie Scriven
Executive Creative Director: Elspeth Lynn
Creative Directors: Dave Newbold, Jim Eyre
Copywriter: Dave Newbold, Spencer Jones
Art Director: Jim Eyre
Music & Sound: Pitch n Sync
Designers: Lionel Agbadou, Luke Till / LEAD
UX / Information Architect: Simon Pan, Dave Regan
Copywriter: Dave Newbold, Spencer Jones
Agency Producer: Jonathan Acton, Silvia Figueirido
Microsite build: LIDA
Production Company: The Mill / Smoke & Mirrors

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Mini Has A 2-Seater Psychic Roadster + MINI