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Support The VPD and Looking Good Doing It — 2 Fun New Ads via DDB for the Vancouver Police Foundation

Sporting New Eyewear Supports The Police
DDB Canada launches arresting campaign for the Vancouver Police Foundation

Vancouver, August 6, 2013 — Recently, the Vancouver Police Foundation launched its first communications campaign aimed to increase awareness and garner support for the charitable organization. The Vancouver Police Foundation provides funding for emerging technology and innovative ideas as well as a wide range of community policing and youth-at-risk outreach programs not included in the police department’s annual operating budget.

Developed by DDB Canada’s Vancouver office, the goal of the integrated campaign is to raise awareness for the Vancouver Police Foundation and better connect the public to the police via a line of iconic, mirrored aviator sunglasses. These sunglasses not only serve as a visual symbol of support that Vancouverites can wear proudly, but they also play a central role to all of the creative aspects within this campaign.

“The iconic sunglasses pay homage to a signature look inherently tied to police and act as a badge of support that buyers can wear,” says Cosmo Campbell, executive creative director, DDB Canada. “This becomes an opportunity and conversation piece for Vancouverites to demonstrate their support for the police and look good doing it.”

The sunglasses play a primary role in two 30-second television spots, titled “Hoodslide” and “Deflated,” which kicks off the campaign and aims to drive sales of the sunglasses. Taking a humourous twist to popular TV police dramas, both spots drive viewers to buy the sunglasses in support of the Vancouver Police Foundation and visit the website to find out more about the organization and how proceeds benefit the community.

“In the short term, the goal of the campaign is simply to raise awareness for the Vancouver Police Foundation and show support for the VPD by wearing the sunglasses,” says Martina Meckova, executive director, Vancouver Police Foundation. “Our long term objective is to increase the membership of the Foundation and broaden the support base, so that more people in Vancouver can benefit from the work that we do in the community.”

A social media contest coincides with the campaign launch and invites people to submit photos of themselves wearing the sunglasses, along with the hashtag #VPDPartners for a chance to win a unique Ride-Along police experience. Symbolizing the solidarity between the people of the city and the Vancouver Police Department, the photos from the contest will be aggregated on the Department’s website as a visual tribute to the police officers.

“Initially, we asked DDB to assist us with some print ads to promote the Vancouver Police Foundation in a local paper,” says Peter Brown, chair, Vancouver Police Foundation. “The agency returned with an impactful campaign strategy that lends itself successfully across various mediums, allowing us to build a stronger relationship with the public.”

Print, OOH, television, social, digital, public relations and an on-air partnership with Global TV BC round out this integrated PSA campaign. The campaign was created pro bono by DDB Canada with generous support from the following production partners: Clinton Hussey for Photography, OPC // Family Style’s Director Jeff Low for the TV work, Post Pro Media for post-production services, Sean Milliken for talent casting, Wave Productions for audio services and Coastal Contacts for facilitating the production of the sunglasses.

The campaign also received help from DDB Canada’s media agency partner, OMD, who offered free services by arranging a combination of donated and discounted PSA buys with BC Business, Bell Media, CBS Outdoor, and Global TV, Postmedia, TV Week and Western Media Group.

The iconic, mirrored aviator sunglasses will be distributed by the police at community events, including Vancouver’s Fresh Air Outdoor Cinema, and are available for purchase starting August 1 from the Vancouver Police Foundation website for $20 each.

“The partnership between the community and police is fundamental to crime prevention and reduction efforts,” Brown adds. “It is through the Foundation that the citizens of Vancouver can support essential policing programs that may be beyond the immediate city budget capability, raise awareness of the outstanding contributions the VPD makes 24/7, and become partners in policing so together we can build stronger communities and make Vancouver the safest major city in Canada.”

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Support The VPD and Looking Good Doing It — 2 Fun New Ads via DDB for the Vancouver Police Foundation + great ads