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INTERAC - Be In The Black via Zulu Alpha Kilo

Toronto ad agency Zulu Alpha Kilo creates a humourous TV spot featuring AC/DC's Back In Black celebrating how good it feels when you pay with your own money with Interac debit versus paying with credit and going into debt.

Press: After landing the business last spring, Zulu Alpha Kilo is launching a new brand platform for the Interac brand and the organization behind it.

The Interac Be in the Black™ platform extols the benefits of using your own money for everyday purchases.
“We want Canadians to know that the end of the month doesn’t have to seem like the end of the world,” says Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Zulu Alpha Kilo, Zak Mroueh. "When you use your own money instead of credit, you can simply enjoy what you buy instead of worrying about paying it off."

The 360 campaign consists of TV, out-of-home, video pre-roll, and standard and rich media banner ads – along with a social promotion – meant to inspire positive conversations around the many benefits of using Interac products and services.

“It’s crazy to think that people are using credit for everyday purchases like groceries, or a cup of coffee,” says Ron Smrczek, Executive Creative Director, Zulu Alpha Kilo. “In our launch spot, we enlisted AC/DC’s iconic rock anthem, Back in Black, and some over-the-top pyrotechnics to bring the swagger back to the notion of using your own money.”

The creative is supported with a national digital media campaign that is handled by Media Experts. French adaption for the Quebec marketplace was developed by TANK. The campaign will run into the spring.

Creative Credits:  
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
Executive Creative Director: Ron Smrczek
Art Director: Allan Mah
Writer: Nick Asik
Broadcast Producer: Catherine Wrinch
Account Team: Rob Feightner, Peter Brough, Adrian Goodgoll
Strategic Planner: Ebrahim El Kalza
Client (Company): Interac
Clients: Andrea Danovitch, Leslie Vera, Lauren McKay, Catherine Boshell, Barry Campbell
French Agency: TANK
Executive Creative Director (French): Alex Gadoua
Account Director (French): Marie-Claude Céré
Production Company; Industry Films
Exec Producer; David Cranor
Director; Simon Cole
Line producer; Trudy Turner
Sound Production House: Pirate
Sound Director; Chris Tait
Senior Engineer; Keith Ohman
Exec Producer; Joanne Uyeyama
Editorial; School Editing
Exec Producer; Sarah Brooks
Editor; Brian Wells
Assistant editor; Mark Lutterman
Visual Effects & Online: Fort York
Flame Artist; Mike Bishop
Exec Producer; Erin Kuttner
Color: Alter Ego
Colorist; Trisha Hagoriles
Media Agency: Media Experts
Media Team: Richard Ivey, Phil Borisenko, Jenna Piirto, Lauren Rosenbloom

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INTERAC - Be In The Black via Zulu Alpha Kilo + Financial Industry