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Interac Flash - Flashing Can Be Funny via Toronto's Zulu Alpha Kilo

Zulu Alpha Kilo is launching a campaign to promote Interac Flash® - the only contactless debit payment option in Canada.

As an enhancement of Interac® Debit, Interac Flash has all of the same benefits, just faster. With a quick hold of your card to a terminal, you can use your own money to pay for those everyday smaller purchases easily and securely.

“In today’s ‘need it right now’ society, being able to get what you need instantaneously is more than just a convenience, it’s a necessity,” says Chief Creative Officer and CEO of Zulu Alpha Kilo, Zak Mroueh. “And the work clearly demonstrates the true benefit of Interac.”

In this campaign of 15s spots, we feature people in humorously urgent situations and demonstrate how the speed of an Interac Flash transaction can get them out of their predicament.

Scenarios range from a woman who mistakenly eats too much wasabi to a man with bushy moustache who urgently needs a shaver so he can kiss his girlfriend.

The campaign is also supported through online banners, social media, and in-store media at all participating Cineplex theatres across the country.

Media Experts created the national media campaign with French creative for the Quebec marketplace was handled by TANK.

Creative Credits:
Ad Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo, Toronto, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
Executive Creative Director: Ron Smrczek
Art Director: Allan Mah
Writer: Nick Asik, David Horovitch
Broadcast Producer: Jennifer Cursio
Account Team: Rob Feightner, Laura Robinson, Adrian Goodgoll
Strategic Planner: Ebrahim El Zalza
Client (Company): INTERAC Association
Clients: Jennifer Lee, Hizola Toovi, Barry Campbel
Production Company: Sons and Daughters
Director: Quinn
Sound Production House: Vapor Music
Editor: Melanie Hider, Saints
Visual Effects & Online: Topix
Media Agency: Media Experts
Media Team: Richard Ivey, Phil Borisenko, Jenna Piirto, Lauren Rosenbloom

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Interac Flash - Flashing Can Be Funny via Toronto's Zulu Alpha Kilo + Financial Industry