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Carling Catch Advert — It's Good But Not Quite

Following on from the launch of Carling’s new ‘Refreshingly Perfect’ campaign last weekend, the second in a series of ‘It’s Good... But It’s Not Quite Carling’ ads will hit screens this Saturday with the new Carling duo swapping the pool hall for the village green cricket pitch.

In the latest Carling advert, we find Dylan and Jon about to enjoy a pint and a game of cricket on the village green. When the ball is hit for six, Jon attempts to come to the rescue and make an impossible catch, but will it all end in glory and the reward of a refreshing pint of Carling?

The first ad saw ‘Dylan’ attempt a jaw-dropping trick shot while original pairing of Stephen Frost and Mark Arden looked on. In ‘Catch’ ‘Jon’, the other member of the Carling duo takes centre stage when a cricket ball is hit for six and heads straight towards a group of unsuspecting nuns. Viewers find out if ‘Jon’ can save the day and earn a refreshing pint as his reward.

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Carling Catch Advert — It's Good But Not Quite + UK ADVERTS