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Sneak Peek At The Toyota Collaborator with Google+

Here is an early look at the future of designing your next Toyota purchase with the help of a Google+ Hangout before you walk in to the dealer to buy it. The Collaborator will allow you (with the help of your friends) pick colors, add features, preview your features and options, save it and if you have questions, a Toyota Expert is online and at the ready to help. The prototype is still in development and yet not available online but from the preview video released, it looks like a fun way to preview your next Prius.

Toyota and Google+ have teamed up to make car shopping a little more social with Collaborator. We are proud to share the Toyota Collaborator prototype at Google I/O, and look forward to releasing it to consumers in the future.

via: ToyotaUSA

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Sneak Peek At The Toyota Collaborator with Google+ + Toyota