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PUMA Launches A Dance Dictionary

Are you the type to move better than you speak? Well not to worry, Puma Fragrances has just launched the "Puma Dance Dictionary." Before there were words, texts, twitter...we had body language and Puma is hoping it's new messaging platform and language will have us all stop saying what we want and moving it instead.

Encrypt your messages into dance moves. Top LA choreographer Super Dave works with some of the world's greatest Freestylers including King Charles, Pacman and Storyboard P to create a language of dance. Created to celebrate the launch of the new PUMA Sync fragrances, the PUMA Dance Dictionary is a digital application that encrypts messages into dance moves. Don't say it, move it.

Music credits: First Time from Dre Skull featuring Megan James and Popcaan.

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PUMA Launches A Dance Dictionary + Puma