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Old Spice — Fiji Bar Soap "Watermelon" Ad

It's a commercial for fruit, nope I was wrong it's a commercial for the new Old Spice Fiji Bar Soap that just happened to be buried in basketball, that is actually a watermelon that you plunge you're hand into to pull out that bar of soap. While the fabled isle of Fiji may or may not actually exist, new Fiji Bar Soap from Old Spice definitely does exist, probably at a grocery store or a sports area or somewhere else.

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy, Portland
Executive Creative Director: Joe Staples
Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman
Creative Director: Jason Bagley
Creative Director: Craig Allen
Art Director: Croix Gagnon
Copywriter: Nathaniel Lawlor
Senior Producer: Lindsay Reed
Head Of Production: Ben Grylewicz
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks/Revolver Film
Director: Steve Rogers
Executive Producer: Shawn Lacy, Holly Vega, Michael Ritchie
Line Producer: Pip Smart
Director of Photography: Ben Seresin
Editorial Company: Work Post
Editor: Richard Orrick
Assistant Editor: Healy Snow
Post Executive Producer: Erica Thompson
VFX: The Mil
Executive Producer: Sue Troyan
Producer: Adam Reeb
Production Coordinator: Samantha Axelrod
VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist: Tim Davies
Lead Flame Artist: Sarah Eim
Flame Artist: Bill Higgins, Elad Offer
Compositor: Steve Cokonis, Remedy Huynh
CG Artist: Ryan Reeb, Blake Sullivan, Martin Rivera, Misha Panov, Jacob Bergman
Shoot Supervisor: Steven Anderson
Music: Libman Music
Composer: Paul Libman
Recording Studio: Sear Sound
Engineer: Ted Tuthill
Mix Company: Avatar Studios
Mixer: Jay Messina
Music Editing: Madpan Productions
Music Editor: Uri Djemal
Music Editing: Lime Studios
Music Editor: Rohan Young

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Old Spice — Fiji Bar Soap "Watermelon" Ad + Old Spice