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New RONA Ad — Winter Is Over, Spring Savings Event

RONA Canada celebrates the return of spring and warmer weather with it's latest TV commercial that features men coming out of hibernation and flocking to their local RONA store. Created by the creative team at Sid Lee who also did one of our favorite ads for RONA, the Olympic Relay.

RONA is heralding the return of warmer weather with the Rona Spring Savings Event. Rona understands that Canadian do-it-yourselfers can't wait to get back outside, so the hardware chain is coming up with a saving event to help all Canadian's get the job done. The Spring Savings Event will last four weeks supported by a campaign that celebrates the migration of renovators big and small back outdoors.

The national campaign created by Sid Lee includes television, billboard, radio, digital and print. The creative taps into a visceral truth that all Canadian renovators experience this time of year. After spending all winter couped up inside, we are instinctively drawn back outside. Being such a universal Canadian experience, renovators across the country should easily identify and see themselves in the humorous executions.

UPDATE: Monday April 15, 2013
Just a quick response to the bombardment of emails we have received regarding RONA only using men in their it please, one of my personal favorites below.

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New RONA Ad — Winter Is Over, Spring Savings Event + great ads