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Mike Rowe In Epic Dirty Jobs Mess Master Campaign

Here's a new ad campaign for Dirty Jobs Cleaning Products featuring who else but the king of dirty Mike Rowe.
If sticky peanut butter counter tops and clumsy ketchup stains sound familiar? Mike Rowe and My Dirty Jobs Household Cleaning Products want to see your epic mess! If your kitchen is always on the verge of insanity, you may be the perfect candidate for My Dirty Jobs' nationwide search for America's top 'Mess Master.'
Now you can share your Mess Master in the house, simply upload photos of your messy kids or pets to the Mess Masters Facebook App and you could win a year of free house cleaning from Molly Maid. You can enter you mess here on the Dirty Jobs Facebook page.
Qualifying as the biggest Mess Master requires no special training, just the ability to create the messiest mess. They just need to make a dirty mess and you provide the photographic proof of their best mess.

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Mike Rowe In Epic Dirty Jobs Mess Master Campaign + great ads