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Esurance Star Trek — Space Fender Bender Ad

Esurance teamed up with the Star Trek franchise to sponsor the latest film Star Trek Into Darkness, which hits theaters May 17th. The fully integrated campaign is part of the brand's "Insurance for a Modern World" mantra and follows the misadventures of the ship forever in the shadows and lovingly referred to as "Not the Enterprise."

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett
CMO: John Swigart
VP Advertising: Nancy Abraham
Advertising/Comms Manager: Michelle Meier
Agency: Leo Burnett
Creative Director: Desmond LaVelle
Creative Director: Jo Shoesmith
Writer: Jesse Dillow
Art Director: Travis Lampe
Executive Producer: Matt Blitz
Account Director: Josh Raper
Production Company: Kelvin Optical & Bad Robot
Director: Seth Worley (C/O KELVIN OPTICAL)
Producer: Ben Rosenblatt (BAD ROBOT)
Producer: Michelle Rejwan (BAD ROBOT)

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Esurance Star Trek — Space Fender Bender Ad + great ads