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The "Ultimate Paintball Duel" Between Two 2013 Audi RS4's

What happens when you take two brand new Audi RS4s, put them in a military aircraft hanger designed to house fighter jets, mount high performance paintball guns on the bonnets and challenge them to the ultimate paintball duel? This happens and it is awesome.

The drivers are Jim Dowdall & Colin Skeaping, two of the UK's most experienced stuntmen, listen as they talk about their day job and CVs that include doubling for Luke Skywalker & Stormtroopers in the early Star Wars films, clip below.

Here is a cool behind the scenes look at the duel in the making.

and a list of what you'll need to get it done:
2 2013 RS 4 Avants — S Tronic
2 Stunt drivers
1 Decommissioned MOD aircraft hangar
3 Browning.50 cal replica paintball guns
12k Paintballs
6 Paint grenades
400L Poster paint
2 RED EPIC cameras
14 Go Pros
1 Hexacopter (aerial camera) and then 48hrs of clean up!

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The "Ultimate Paintball Duel" Between Two 2013 Audi RS4's + great ads