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2014 Lexus IS Blend's Out Bikini Models In SI Swimsuit Issue

"Blend Out" for the new 2014 Lexus IS is more than a print ad appearing in this years Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue...gentlemen start your scanners. To create it, they cast three swimsuit models to pose with the Lexus IS and camouflaged the models within the scene—actually making them part of the set design. In order to reveal the models readers are asked to scan a QR code or go to with their smartphones. When they place their phones on the page, the models come to life, walking out from the background and revealing themselves in their swimsuits.

Creative Ad Agency: Team One
Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves
Group Creative Director: Craig Crawford
Art Director: Dustin Arnold
Associate Creative Director: Eric Arnold
Senior Art Producer: Jason Lau
Account Director: Kelly Stevens
Director of Technology: Eddie Stover
Senior interactive Producer: Chad Bauer
Technologist: Rob Edwards
Photographer, Director: Carlos Serrao
Executive Producer: Kim Johnson
Layering and Compositing: Terry Silberman, ArsenalFX

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2014 Lexus IS Blend's Out Bikini Models In SI Swimsuit Issue + lexus