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Ray-Ban: the Ball with a surprise

Cult brand Ray Ban

Ray-Ban And agency Cutwater San Francisco continue summer campaign "Colorize".

The basic offer of a cult brand of sun glasses in this season are multi-coloured versions of the most known sun glasses Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Colour palettes in a collection infinite set which Cutwater and Ray-Ban have tried to show at the first stages of campaign. In the end of March on YouTube there was a roller about improbable abilities of a chameleon to change colour under colours of frame Wayfarer.

Mockery at a chameleon

In new virus preview trailer Cutwater has concentrated on one colour of sun glasses — on red.
Two guys have thrown off a huge ball of red threads from the pickup. The ball has started to be unwound, going down on abrupt descents of streets San Franciscos and as a result has untangled the guy in red sun glasses Ray-Ban.

Red ball of threads

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Ray-Ban: the Ball with a surprise + virus