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The idea of a virus has arisen after messages in mass-media about the images of Jesus Christ on various unexpected subjects (for example on a piece to a pizza, a map) have become very frequent. All these messages invariably drew the big attention of an audience and caused rough discussions of bloggers.

Big Jesus watches for you!

On a wave of general insanity Kit Kat has written the letter on behalf of the inhabitant of Amsterdam, in the letter was told about detection of an image of Jesus Christ in a chocolate. On the eve of Easter on Passionate Friday the letter have sent to edition of two largest Dutch newspapers, having attached as the proof two photos. News has been published and has there and then scattered on all Internet: news about unusual Kit Kat have published more than 150,000 blogs.

«Have a break, have a real glitch»

The majority parodied a known slogan of a brand «Is having rummaged, is Kit Kat»: «Have a break, have a Jesus Kit Kat», «Give Jesus a break» and so forth.

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Wafer Jesus + virus