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Reform of US Public Health

Barack Obama

The US Nation's Health

The US president Barack Obama has acted on Wednesday, on September, 9th, with the reference to the Congress in which has stated the basic points of the program of reforming of system of public health services, informs Associated Press.

According to Obama, at the heart of the plan of reforms three purposes lay. The first of them is improvement of conditions of medical insurance for those citizens who have already got the policy. In particular, it is a question of restriction of insurance payments and an interdiction for insurers to limit limits of cost of programs of treatment.

The second purpose of the program is creation of a stock exchange for insurers which will allow to get the insurance for reasonable money to those Americans at whom the insurance while is not present. Thus Obama has noticed, that for legal and physical persons who have no sufficient means, credits and reduced prices will be provided.

The third point of the plan provides introduction of obligatory medical insurance which will allow to cut down not planned budgetary expenses on payment of treatment of not insured persons. The given innovation will concern only those citizens and establishments who are able pay corresponding payments.

According to Obama, the total cost of the program calculated for ten years, will make 900 billion dollars. The president has assured legislators, that these expenses will not lead to the further growth of budgetary deficiency, and has underlined, that reform will manage to the country more cheaply wars in Afghanistan and Iraq or reductions of the taxes undertaken by administration of George Bush.

According to the plan of administration, means for reform will be received for the account of reduction of other articles of budgetary expenses, and also more rational distribution of incomes in the sector of medical insurance. In the long term, has noted Obama if it will be possible to limit rates of growth of expenses on insurance, the budget will win at least four billion dollars.

Besides, Obama has assured, that expenses on reform do not threaten interests of elderly Americans, having explained, that efficiency of program Medicare serving them will be on the contrary increased. Thus the president has answered statements of critics that reform will be defective for elderly citizens.

Reforming of system of public health services is one of key points of program Obama. Earlier it was informed, what exactly this project became the reason of decrease in popularity of the president. The organisations of conservative sense in different states organise protest actions on which blame the Washington authorities for criminal wastefulness.

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