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Chevrolet Volt (hybrid)

Chevrolet Volt

Barack Obama has returned to Indiana to inform on start of the new economic program directed on support of motor industry of the USA.

This decision, strangely enough, is not momentary injection of means, and concerns the category of serious investments into the future more likely. The place of carrying out of press conference has been chosen not casually. After all Indiana more strongly other states has suffered from crisis.

To declare how means will be spent, the president has solved directly within the precincts of local factory Monaco RV which has been closed because of bankruptcy of the previous owner, but in June of this year has found the new owner in the name of Navistar International Corp.

Predictably earlier, the government plans to allocate the huge sum of 2,4 billion dollars for sponsoring of the complex program on creation of ecologically pure cars with electric impellent installation. It is necessary to notice, that similar support of EV-technologies is necessary for all without an exception, as at this technology the hugest potential. First of all financial injections in this sphere will allow to create the new workplaces which absence is the big problem for government Obamas. At present the unemployment average level in States keeps at level of 9,5%, and it is the worst indicator for last 25 years. And in Indiana the given indicator and at all makes 16,8%. For this reason the basic investments should arrive into accounts of the enterprises in states Michigan and Indiana.

The government of the USA allocates 1,5 billion dollars for manufacture of batteries and necessary components which will allow to increase their capacity. 500 million are allocated for manufacture of accessories and spare parts for electromobiles which number includes electromotors, various electronics and other necessary components also. The remained 400 million will be spent for purchase of thousand hybrids and electromobiles for tests and demonstrations. Easier speaking, the third part of the sum will be spent for popularisation of new technologies and training of the qualified personnel necessary for work on manufacture.

The largest addressee — company Johnson Controls which is in Michigan and will receive 299 million on manufacture of batteries and accessories. Companies A123 and KD ABG are located in the same place and will receive 250 and 161 million for similar needs. And here the fourth grant on size will get to company Compact Power Inc., which will spend the 150 million for manufacture of lithium-ionic polymeric batteries for well-known Chevrolet Volt. Already now it is possible to expect discontent of tax bearers concerning the next injection of means in well-known “the big three” in the name of GM, Ford and Chrysler to which for three will get more than 400 million dollars. If is more exact, GM will receive 240 million, Ford about 100 million, and Chrysler about 70 million.

In this case these investments are quite defensible, as by manufacture of electromobiles the basic financial loading lays down on shoulders of the companies at the very beginning of a way. An excellent example — Chevrolet Volt. At first this model should become a cheap electromobile. Under the first forecasts cost of an electromobile did not exceed 20 thousand dollars, but as a result the price has gone upwards and at present makes approximately 40 thousand dollars. Anything surprising, after all occurrence of a large quantity of new technologies in one car excludes possibility of unification with other models. As the electromobile basically excludes unification with set of the relatives on a lineup. So the management has a little miscalculated, but now expects to cut expenses. Especially it will be already appreciable after start of model Volt, after all the price still promise to lower. Besides from all these injections will win also the future models which manufacture will manage more cheaply.

It is necessary to notice, that allocated means will get to exclusively American companies and are the grant so, it is not necessary to give them. Moreover, on a plan of the White house, almost 70% from all sum should be spent already by the end of next year. That tax bearers precisely knew, where and what for the government has sent their money, to the message of the president have attached documents with the description of the enterprises which have received means. In these documents the sums and specific goals also are described, for which these means are allocated.

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