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The large sponsor of presidents is arrested for swindle

Hassan Nemazee

The influential collector of donations for Democratic party of the USA is arrested for swindle, writes The New York Times.

According to the investigation, the New York financier-multimillionaire Hassan Nemazee connected with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, has fraudulently received from corporation Citibank a loan at a rate of 74 million dollars.

In bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor believe, that criminal scheme Nemazee has been installed in the end of 2006. The swindle essence consisted in false data which the financier has presented in Citibank at loan registration. On Monday, on August, 24th, Nemazee representatives of FBI have interrogated, and the swindler has immediately returned to bank all sum of a loan. On Tuesday under the decision of the judge of the financier have placed under guards, there are negotiations about clearing on the security.

Nemazee, the 59-year-old American of the Iranian origin, heads investment holding Nemazee Capital, but is more known to public as one of visible sponsors of democrats. Close contacts to the power at the swindler have begun with the middle of 1990th years when Nemazee collected means for Bill Clinton presidential campaign. Own donations in funds of democratic candidates on different posts are estimated hundreds thousand dollars.

Cooperation Nemazee with Democratic national committee has helped success of party on intermediate elections of 2006. On the threshold of presidential elections of 2008 the financier sponsored a nominee Hillary Clinton, for what has received in a national staff, a post of the chairman concerning financing. After end of formation of nominees on a post of the new US president, Nemazee it was switched to support of the winner — Barack Obama — and has collected for the party favourite more a half-million of dollars.

As informs Politico, on Tuesday, having heard about scandal around Nemazee, some politicians-democrats, including vice-president Joe Biden, have declared intention to return the donations received from the financier or to give them for needs of charity.

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The large sponsor of presidents is arrested for swindle + scandal