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Ad Guy Creates NHL Boycott "Just Drop It" Viral Campaign

Hockey fan and commercial director (in that order), Steve Chase, is one of the three hockey fanatics behind the trending hockey boycott viral "Just Drop It." Frustrated by the recent lockout and the threat of more games on the chopping block, Chase along with fellow hockey buddies Christian Lalonde (a former pro player) and Mike Devlin (Creative Director/EVP of DraftFCB in NY), came up with the concept of making a simple video asking fans to boycott the NHL.

What was once just an idea between friends is becoming an overnight international success. The grass-root campaign called "Just Drop It," asks hockey fans to take a pledge and boycott one NHL game for every one game the league takes away after Dec 21. The boycott goes beyond game attendance and urges fans not to purchase any merchandising or watch televised games.

Media in the US and Canada have already shown their support by posting the video on
their web pages and airing interviews with Chase. Hockey is in Chase's blood. An avid player and supporter of the minor league teams as well, Chase directed a campaign for hockey team Allen Americans. See the all the Allen Americans spots here.

Team owner and NHL superstar Steve Duchesne approached Chase to create and direct the work. The resultant commercials masterfully underline how hockey players possess a passion for the game like no other. Recently quoted as "welcoming the challenge of creating ads in the digital culture," Chase wasted no time and let his passion and conscience drive him.

Just Drop It's Statement: Visit their Facebook Fan page to join the cause. [link]
The NHL and the players union have once again insulted the very people who pay their salaries. We the fans have the power to make them listen by taking the Just Drop It pledge. For every game they cancel after December 21st, we will boycott an equal number of games. They cancel 10, we boycott 10. No tickets, no TV, no merchandise. If you want to be heard go to our Facebook page and "like" us to pledge. You can also post your own pledge video. Make them JUST DROP IT!


Ad Guy Creates NHL Boycott "Just Drop It" Viral Campaign {sports ads}