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Tracy Morgan Wants To Say *#&@%* In MiO Fit Super Bowl Ad

Can MiO Fit new spokescelebrity Tracy Morgan say *#&^%$* on TV? We're not sure, but we know you can change water into a sports drink with electrolytes and zero calories. All you need is MiO Fit. Change is Coming 2.03.13 and with that we have yet another teaser spot for the 2013 Super Bowl Ad Extravaganza.

PR Newswire Press: "With countless millions watching the big game, we couldn't think of a better and more relevant way to introduce MiO Fit," said Doug Weekes, VP Refreshment Beverages for Kraft. "This new line of MiO introduces a world of change for sports drinks and we are so proud to debut it with our MiO Fit "Anthem" commercial during Super Bowl XLVII."

The comical spot features actor and comedian Tracy Morgan who takes a humorous look at all the other things that we have changed in America, beyond just sports drinks. The advertisement was created by TAXI New York and directed by Martin Granger.

The MiO Fit commercial will kick off an integrated marketing effort to introduce the new product to America. The campaign will include strong digital and social media, public relations, sampling, and consumer incentives starting the week before the game and extending through March. The brand will also engage social media fans in a conversation about "change" by asking what other changes they would like to see and why.

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Tracy Morgan Wants To Say *#&@%* In MiO Fit Super Bowl Ad + teasers